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Street Lamp

Street Lamp

Nicole Lee, age 15

"(This short story that you’re about to read is all up to your imagination and what you will do as the character of this story.)

You are under the streetlight, you look up to see a foggy sky and a tall building. You blink a few times somewhat confused on why you are looking up. Why were you here? Its like you went into a new realm. You keep questioning your surroundings...Will you panic or stay calm?

You were just enjoying the scenery until you glanced down. Startled by this decapitated hand just sitting there. Who did it belong to? Was it from a zombie? Was it one of Frankenstein's hands? You arrived too late to find out who it truly belonged to… But did you even want to find out? You’ll have to leave it up to your imagination.

You have encountered many paranormal things not fully sure what they were but you have gone far enough and this is the end of the path. You see a boat not far off, you can finally escape from this terrifying place. But you are still left with the choice to leave or stay...which will you choose?

Note: You know how an author has their reader? Well I wanted my own “reader” but that won’t make sense now will it? So you’ll be my “Seeker.” You might have already entered the world that I conjured up. But that was based on my imagination and creativity...I wanted my Seeker to have their own version of this story, their own character. Maybe talk to another one of these Photographs Seekers. Let's listen to what their characters think or did in that realm of mine."

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