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Jennifer brings a keen eye and years of corporate experience. She got her start in the business world by focusing on sourcing and logistics. She travelled the world extensively, locating and assuring quality accessories and textiles for import. In 2010, she turned her attention to real estate. Her tireless attention to detail has won her praise from both sides of the table - her goal has always been to exceed expectations in every way. That goal of exceeding expectations led her to establish Curated State. She knew that she could stage a property better than anyone in the industry, and Curated State’s focus on collaborating with artists allows her to bring a fresh look to every property. Jennifer is a member of the San Francisco, California and National Association of Realtors. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees at the Children’s Council of San Francisco.



Courtney's sense of adventure and an entrepreneur's willingness to do anything in support of her start-up makes her a driving force behind Curated State. Courtney fell in love with textiles and art as a graduate student in Vietnam. She has worn many hats in the years since, including consulting with development organizations, co-authoring a Vietnamese dictionary, translating works of literature and conducting oral histories of Vietnamese-Americans. She was a founder of Golden Thread Silks, a family textile business that works with weavers and artisans in Southeast Asia. She brings to Curated State a global perspective on art, with 25 years of experience seeking out all that is inspiring from nearly every corner of the world. She has put this experience to work closer to home organizing art auctions and doing textile research. The miles of travel have led to professional connections to artists worldwide and an unflappable can-do attitude.