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Pop-Up Art Installations

Curated State promotes Bay Area artists through alternative venues and projects.  Since the beginning of 2019, our business shifted to exclusively developing pop-up art shows featuring local artists in a variety of locations around the city: galleries, art buildings, empty storefronts and regular venues including Avenue in Bernal Heights. In the 6 years that Curated State has existed, we have designed, handled, installed and managed nearly 70 discrete art exhibits showing the work of hundreds of artists. 

In 2019 we collaborated with two local organizations to develop and implement two artist residencies: the first was in partnership with Gardenville Station featuring the work of David Aaron Smith, a Death Valley artist working with found objects to create portraits of Bayview activists and community workers.  The second, in collaboration with Spike Kahn of the Pacific Felt Factory, sponsored a new residency with Mozambican photographer Amilton Neves Cune.  In 2020, Curated State partnered with Renée DeCarlo of The Drawing Room to curate "Nail Fetish," a solo show by Tom Seligman, former Director of Stanford's Cantor Center.  We also co-curated "Women Rising," which featured works by over 100 women artists in San Francisco and "FUTURE TENSE: What Has (Not) Happened (Yet)," featuring work by 28 local artists.

In early 2021 we launched the Inside/Outside Project in collaboration with The Drawing Room, in response to the economic dislocation of the COVID-19 pandemic. This project aims to activate windows and vacant storefront space through art and multi-disciplinary experiences; to engage new audiences while strengthening neighborhood communities through thought-provoking and relevant curation, artistic process and dialogue; and to heighten the human experience - both that of artist and audience. 

We are seeking sponsorship for the development and growth of this project as we intertwine visual, performing and multi-media artists to work collaboratively in relation to the current physical and emotional human experience. Funding will support artist stipends, curatorial and production fees, as well as materials and productions costs. We want to produce the highest quality of work, utilizing technology and local resources, however do not want the burden to weigh on the artists to produce their work, especially in these financially difficult times.

Currently, we have been given an opportunity to activate the windows of 460 Gough Street, SF, the temporary/new home of LEVYdance.  Because of the work and nature of what LEVYdance does, we are excited to work with them collaboratively to portray the work they are doing inside the space, and to bring other artists into the project to create new works that relate but are separate from the work of the dancers. As a 501c 3 partner, LEVYdance can accept donations that can further this project as it grows into a safer and more physically experiential world and can help aid us to fund the work to make this project possible. With a seed grant from Intersection for the Arts/Grants for the Arts, we are able to launch the first project, however need more funding to materials and artist fees - which are in dire need at this time. This partnership bridges arts-based organizations, local businesses, artists and performers in collaboration to create new works for a new world and new ways of thinking and engaging. Please consider joining this project by sponsoring it with a donation of any amount. As we move forward through this, we will be utilizing the power of Patreon to build our artists and subscribers. 

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For more information, please email Courtney, or call at 415.254.4754