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U.B. Morgan

ubmorgan.comThe impetus for the Small Works show was the large quantities of smaller sculptures that crept into my production in between projects of a grander scale.  Once the opportunity to show my work in San Francisco arose, the small pieces became restricted to what could fit into a suitcase plus carry-on.  I enjoy putting limits around my creative process; what is being shown here is curated based on size.I often create on a whim in my studio with items and materials that I randomly come across.  The freedom of limiting myself to size meant that I could react more immediately to an idea or a passion; working more spontaneously. There are common threads to the work beyond size. With all of my work, humor is my tool of choice. In this body of work I used materials that I had at hand, objects that I found on the street, bees and bones that I have found in the countryside, as well as raw materials that were just taking up space in my studio.   Small (but Succinct) Works! I hope you enjoy them.