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Sita Rupe

“from the beginning, my life has been about art. my parents, both passionate and eccentric artists, helped to form my appreciation at an early age. since i can remember, i had a fascination with creating anything image driven, which instantly led me to fall in love with photography as a medium. photo was my main study and body of work for some time, and eventually i went to work with opportunities in exhibition, publications, and fashion. more recently, my paintings--which began as a relaxing little “hobby”--have grown into quite an enterprise. i have been busy consistently now for the past several years working up a recipe that aesthetically draws from multiple mediums (photo, acrylics, screen printing, and resin) to create pop-iconic and retrospective silhouettes dimensionalized atop vibrant patterns. one of the more important parts of the “recipe” is the process, particularly how its efficiency allows me to produce at once great quantities of repeat imagery (also part of the aesthetic). the works then translate individually, but with even more impact in groupings. while the efficiency not only broadens translation, it more importantly allows me to produce works that are obtainable by even the most modest collector. my works are currently found in more than a dozen bay area boutiques and are featured in magazine publications, record albums, and wine labels. i also offer custom work by commission.”