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Rajiv Khilnani

rajivkhilnaniart.com Rajiv Khilnani is an award winning artist with more than a dozen solo and group shows under his belt. Rajiv’s experiences growing up in South Asia have had a major influence on his work, shaping not only subject matter and general motives, but also his color palette. He particularly enjoys creating vivid abstractions restricted to 2 or 3 dominant colors; using line, shape, design, contrast, and texture as his main creative elements. He has also explored monochromatic compositions with great success, winning “Award of Excellence” in the Mixed Media category from Triton Museum, Santa Clara, in 2007.His training at the Fun Kadha Art Institute has provided him with a solid foundation in the traditional method of watercolor painting. He often applies the “watercolor layering” technique to his current acrylic and mixed media works. He loves to experiment with texture and has tried everything; from wax to sand to hand-made paper to build up unique surfaces.