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Dyanna Dimick

 dydart.comAn ecological consciousness lies close to the heart of California native Dyanna Dimick’s art, who incorporates reused and found material. Dyanna's process starts well before a blank canvas. She collects pieces from her surroundings to use as material and to keep her attuned to her environment. Dyanna utilizes the aesthetic value in these everyday goods. We tune out thousands of objects around us because we don't have a current need or they don't seem important. Sun bleached plastic, the inside of an envelope, these materials are the foundation for Dyanna's process. She curates her pieces in an intuitive way, like a puzzle. Through Dyanna’s creative use of disposable goods, she urges the viewer to change the traditional context of “trash” in their minds.  She likes to trick the viewer's eye by bringing into question the medium used to create.
Acutely conscious of the consumerism cycle and its impact on our environment, Dyanna would rather scavenge for her eclectic materials than buy them. She explores color, shape, material and texture to create a visual narrative. Focusing on ecology and the overload of today’s consumerist culture. Making work with discarded product goods that already exist in the world is where her creativity starts and where she challenges her own consumerism habits.  
We live with pollution. We accept it and it becomes invisible. Dyanna uses found material as part of her palette to show the many ways trash permeates our environment and to bring attention to the possibilities of recycling and its limitless potential.