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UP in ARMS and LAND are open calls for art in response to recent rulings by The Supreme Court: the catastrophic overturning of Roe v. Wade and the imposing of new restrictions on the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate emissions and mitigate climate change.

At their core, both themes are about access—to resources, to power, and to means for protecting one’s health and autonomy. Many works cross cut both themes and are interwoven throughout the gallery.

For those who support these fundamental rights, emotions are raw and some of the work reflects artists’ visceral reactions to their frustration and sadness, especially for UP in ARMS. Much work also is an expression of artists’ perspectives on women’s bodies and beauty of the human form.

There are also many works celebrating the complexity and serenity of nature, using traditional mediums and forms. LAND also encompasses unexpected artistic takes on threats to our environment by unchecked human consumption, waste, destruction of habitat and wildlife.

THE DRAWING ROOM tries to be purposeful and intentional around these open calls for art---ALL works from Bay Area artists are accepted in an effort to capture a wide range of perspectives and life experiences within our artist community. The power of these inclusive exhibits lies in the collection of these many voices in a single space where they can be seen and heard.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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