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We installed Emergence at Avenue just days before San Francisco announced its Shelter-In-Place order.  We're hoping that these incredible works can be seen in person someday, but for now...

Renée DeCarlo's Drawing Room is a double-wide storefront space in which on one side lives the Gallery, and the other, the Renée's studio. As a natural lure, an art studio can be a magical place of wonder where chaos and play live symbiotically. Renée works with a variety of traditional/non-traditional mediums and loves to explore new ways to put materials and processes together in new and unpredictable ways. The foundation of her work is in mark-making and drawing - which has limitless possibilities for exploration. It's in this studio that Renée creates her own work, but also teaches one and one workshops with folks who are looking for new ways to draw and play. If nothing else, to become comfortable with their own pursuits and to think about the art-making process in new and expanded ways.  drawingroomsf.com