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ADAPTATIONS: LAND is an invitational exhibition exploring themes centered around access to and utilization of land.

How do we, as humans, and as artists adapt to our changing world in this time of environmental threats, climate crises, waste culture and a landscape buffeted by social and political forces?

 The unique space at 780 Valencia has given us an opportunity to invite artists to tackle this theme by tailoring installations very intentionally to the physical setting of our gallery and the non-traditional spaces that exist within.

Isaac Jasper Amala
Zoe Ani
Mary Burger
CreatingAS1 (Sara Corbett & Aaron Haldiman)
Renée DeCarlo
Jane Dulay
Jennifer Ewing
Carolynn Haydu
Imaginary Foundation
Sandra Kelch
Denise Laws
Ivan Lopez
Libby McMillan
Katie Murken
Simo Neri
Ella Noe
Bussie Parker-Kehoe
Kaytea Petro & Julian Barber
Christian Rothenhagen
Harumo Sato
Olivia Sears & Aline Mare
Amy Tavern
Truong Tran
Virdell VonDella

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